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The port trucking sector in Southern California is a critical hub of the global economy.  40% of the goods entering the United States come through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and most of these containers are hauled out of the port by the 10,000 port truck drivers based in the LA Harbor region.

In the post-Clean Truck Program era, the model of contracting with drivers and putting truck expenses on them has come under challenge.   Hundreds of claims and individual suits have been filed by drivers.   Dozens of class action lawsuits have challenged this model at some of the most important companies in the sector, and resulted in

As the sector rapidly changes, we have established as a source of information about the latest findings and rulings from state administrative and legal bodies, as well as the innovations that the drayage sector is making to deal with issues of competition and compliance.  We envision that this will become a place for industry, legal and regulatory players to keep up on the latest litigation, rulings, legislation, and innovations in drayage, with an eye to a future where the sector benefits everybody- drivers, shippers,

The Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy’s Project for Clean and Safe Ports has been working to bring community, workers and environmental allies together for a better harbor region.  In recent years, LAANE has supported drivers who are taking legal and administrative action across the harbor area.   LAANE is dedicated to supporting the establishment and maintenance of a clean truck fleet at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and to support fair working conditions of port truck drivers.